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Hello ladies x

You probably saw on our instagram account (@leloquente) that we are trying to share with you more than just fashion. Loubna started doing some make up tutorials to show you how simple it can be to get your make up done in a sophisticated and easy way everyday! (like reaaaally easy girls) Jasmine started doing more hijab tutorials that you can find directly on our youtube channel. This is our way of connecting more with you girls and knowing more about what inspires you! That's why we want your suggestions at anytime in the comments section!

That being said, we are sharing with you here some of the products that Jasmine uses for her sensitive and mixed skin. Of course, these can change with the seasons.

Caudalie gentle buffing cream: This is definitely my favorite product. I use this two times a week and it helps to bring a boost of moisture to my skin and the best thing about it is it really exfoliates deeply in my pores and gives my skin a glow right after! This is one thing I suggest you get for sure.

Ole Henriksen Cleansing cloths: These cloths have black currant oil in them which moisturizes the skin. They also have vitamin C and Coq10 to help with skin spots (which I sometimes get) and brightening.

Uriage thermal water: Ok this thing. All day everyday! I'm not kidding, specially during summer, thermal water helps to moisturize the skin and give a fresh boost. I use this before I wear make up, before heading to sleep (before my night cream) and in the morning. 

Ole Henriksen sheer transformation: I just started wearing this cream for a week now and I love it already. My skin was really dry before that (specially with the winter cold) and I needed a new cream.  This one helped to bring up the flexibility to my skin and the brightness of a fresh face. It is not a matte cream nor a greasy one, I just feel comfortable wearing it day and night.

Lush Popcorn lip scrub: I have been using this scrub for more than a year now and it is just the coolest thing to have with you. I use it around 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin and moisturize my lips (there is organic jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil in it).

La Roche-Posay cleansing micellar foaming water: Finally, this is my everyday gentle cleansing product I use every morning and every night. What I love about it is the way it removes deeply my make up and the dirt and how my skin feels so fresh afterward. One thing is that it leaves my skin a little dry and so I need to spray some thermal water and put my cream right after so that my skin don't stay dry. 


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