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Caudalie: Beauty Elixir

THIS THING. Girls, this is the key to your skin care products! You know that we are not used to review beauty products but when we find great ones we need to share them with you!

This beauty elixir from Caudalie (that you can get here) allows your skin to absorb all the essentials of your skin care products like creams and serums. Jasmine has a mixed type of skin and this helps her to get the best moisture possible and automatically brings her a better radiance of the skin. If you have a dry skin and you apply your cream directly on it, a good layer is usually left on the surface and this doesn't allow your skin the get the best effect of your cream. From the ingredients of this product you can find rosemary, astringent mint, soothing rose essential oil and grape extracts. Having an elixir like this encourages the skin to stay hydrated longer too. 

You're probably wondering when you can apply it and how many times a day? Well, it's as you want! Before applying your cream of after, when you are at the office and your skin feels tired (even if you wear make up!) or even just before sleeping when you need hydration for the coming night. What is also good about it is that it is for all skin types! Jasmine has been using it for a week now and her skin feels so much smoother, moisturized and bright hamdouAllah!

Let us know what you think of it if you already use it! x

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