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Indonesia 2015

During summer 2015, I traveled to Indonesia and Singapore with two of my bestfriends. We went on a total backpack adventure to join two of our friends there. We joined them for two weeks in Bali and then we continued our trip city by city on the Java island until reaching Jakarta after two and a half weeks. After that, we flew to Singapore for three days and then flew back home. Just so you know, we live in Montreal (Canada) so traveling to Indonesia took us 4 flights (one of 14 hours!!) in 2 days, same for the return. I will speak to you a little about how everything was there.

Amed, Bali Island.

Nusa Lembogan Island

Visiting an elementary school in Ubud.

Amed, Bali Island.

Local street food on the go.

Uluwatu beach.

No filter or editing. 
On top of Kawah Ijen Volcano in Banyuwangi.

Hiking to Mount Bromo near Malang.

Mount Bromo (active volcano).

Mosque in Malang.

Cool cars in Yogyakarta.

Sweet people, in Yogyakarta.

My best friends, visiting the Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur temple.


Morning in Ubud.


Pura Lempuyang in Bali.

DreamBeach near Uluwatu in Bali.

Sunset in Nusa Lembogan.

Surf Café in Kuta, Bali.

We didn't care about internet.

Streets of Yogyakarta.

Borobudur temple.

Pangandaran beach.

So first, I could list a thousand things I loved about Indonesia but what struck me the most there is the SIMPLE LIFE. Yes, simple in a way where there was NO stress and little "capitalist" influence within the locals way of life. The people were really modest, joyful, kind and so generous. We stayed with locals all of the time (in homestays owned by families or friends of ours) and we were feeling at home the second day we were there! Nature was welcoming us with wide opened warms and we were embracing all the moments spent looking at endless views of rice fields, oceans, forests, mountains and crazy views on top of volcanoes.

Our local friends.


Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.
Largest in Southeast Asia.

Shopping in Jakarta. 

Some of the fanciest things we ate at the end of our trip ha!

Zoo in Singapore.

Traveling and living in Indonesia is really not expensive. You could eat a meal for 2 or 3$CAD (local food) or in restaurants for around 7$CAD. Finding a place to sleep is really easy due to the fact that there are a lot of homestays in the popular cities. We were usually paying around 15$CAD a night for a good place to sleep including breakfast. After arriving in Kuta (Bali) the first day, we rented motorbikes the day after to travel to another city! I never drove a motorbike before so this was new to me but I could manage taking the road the day after I arrived to start the craziest and unforgettable trip of my life. From then, we did cities like Ubud, Amed and Uluwatu on the Bali Island. Then we visitied the Nusa Lembogan Island and after we started our longest journey on the Java Island. On this one we did Banyuwangi, Malang, Yogyakarta, Pangandaran and Jakarta. I won't detail all the activities we did (if you want suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comments) but I can say that you MUST visit volcanos, the temples, as many beaches and islands as possible (and surf duh!) and most of all, meet and stay with locals. I won't say that enough times but, what can make a trip unforgettable is how you connect with the people from a different country. You learn SO much and you enjoy every bit of your life (especially with indonesian people).

Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands Rooftop.

We were up there!

View on Hong Kong.

I have to say that my personnality and my vision of life changed a lot on and after the trip. I grew up, I fell in love with simplicity and God's creations. I discoverd what love is. What inner peace is. After all, I felt alive.

Alhamdoulillah for this experience and I wish everyone can live this once in their life.

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