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Toby By Hatem Alakeel Fleur de Lis 2017 Collection

The Evolution of the Lili and its many stages.
The Lilie is a flower that evolves and transforms itself.  

Embroydery: Toby prides itself with its own In house hand embroydery a Toby specialty And signature concept . Each Peace is an "Objet D" Art or (Art Piece )  

The collections Embroydery concept is about the Evolution. Of the Lili and its growth In different stages. As the Lili grows it embodies a different shape and form before it completely blossoms.  
The jacket cuts are based on 1930s and 20 cuts juxtaposing with Lilies a modernised "Retro" feel. 
With this collection I Wanted to elaborate on more "Evening" with rich luscious fabrics consisting of cotton with Sattan, velvet and of course our signature linens. The colours consist of Emerald Green , jewel tones , purple and navy with a warm mustard.

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