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North Accent - Moment Collection

I believe that every person should invest in a watch that represents her/his style in a timeless way. It is an accessory that brings a lot to the look of a person, mainly by its aesthetique and its charm (yes, I think watches have a certain charm). Almost a companion, the watch brings a certain reflection on the present moment and helps organizing each important thing one must do during the day to make the most of each hour. North Accent knew how to put value behind this accessory by creating timeless and sophisticated designs and by incorporating rich materials of high quality. The simplicity and the minimalism of the details of every model also brings a certain elegance as much for the woman as for the man.

For my part, I chose to get a watch that represents well my style and which I could keep with me for years (like our parents and grandparents do until now!). You probably know that I wear a lot of black and that most of my jewels are gold. When I saw this model on North Accent's websiteyou understand that I did not hesitate one moment! What I also love about it, and which also relates to who I am, is its hindu-arabic numeral style and the modern western fashion touch that represent the environment where I lived most of my life. The Moment Collection is their first collection and I can only be happy to have found a brand that allows people to get high end quality watches made with Swiss movement, sapphire crystal and genuine calfskin leathers. Meaning, an affordable price for more value.

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