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Coucou, I'm back here with a random and unusual article. Yup, a few nights ago I got bored and decided to shoot some looks in my bedroom by myself. I put the camera on different level of my dresser's drawers and worked with the timer... I had fun like that haha! I chose comfortable pieces from my wardrobe and made them super casual (these are basically things I wear everyday). You can also notice that I am not good with room storage... But I wanted to keep everything natural and how it is to make it my own personal vibe.

Oh and, I also wanted to tell you that I've chosen to focus more on my studies this semester and with winter, it's really not easy to keep up with the shootings. You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with my daily looks at @leloquente x

Scroll down to the end for the details of the looks.

WARNING: I am Zara addict...

Green coat / Zara
Green pants / Zara
Green platform shoes / Bershka

Shiny grey pants / H&M
White sneakers / Nike Air Force 1
Black coat / Zara
Black headscarf / Shop Alisra (use code LELOQUENTE15)
Earrings / Topshop
Sunglasses / Zara

Large striped pants / Zara
Blue coat / Zara
Dinosaur t-shirt / Zara
Pink headscarf / Shop Alisra (use code LELOQUENTE15)

Grey Hoodie / Zara
Grey jumpsuit / Bershka
Embellished platform shoes / Zara
Faux leather jacket / Zara

Velvet cardigan / Gulshaan
White t-shirt / Zara
Black large pants / Zara
Fake LV babouches / From a souk in Morocco


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